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It’s not easy, being green

A study in green – ripening wheat on Salisbury Plain. A stop by the side of the A303 (surely one of the most rewarding roads for the arable enthusiast?) on the way to a friend’s funeral yielded this unexpected image. The lush soft green was captivating, and the scene was completed when the cloud shadows […]

Tags: , , ; taken on Friday, July 4th, 2008

Ceres surprised

Ceres walks through the crops, her hands brushing the ripening ears as she moves silent and unobserved in her rustling domain. Barley is a wonderful crop to observe on a breezy day, as the awns sway and shimmer, catching the light and delighting the eye. The camera can capture some of the magic if you […]

Tags: , , ; taken on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Uncut moquette

Most people drive up and down the A303 oblivious to the wonderful chalk country either side of the road. But I have to make a conscious effort to concentrate on the road rather than admiring the scenery. A few times, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stop when the weather, light and crops […]

Tags: , , ; taken on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Phacelia and pylon

A chance shot seen on the way to photograph a friend’s lavender farm. Rolling countryside near Winchester compressed with a telephoto lens to accentuate the topography. I was taken by the mauve-green shimmer of the nearby field, which is planted with Phacelia – a green manure crop, but looks more like Victorian shot taffeta than a prosaic […]

Tags: , , , ; taken on Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Red, yellow, green

The field just behind our house one warm June morning, before all the dew had burnt off. Either the seed wasn’t well cleaned, or the sprayer missed a lot of weeds, but it was a picture for just a few days. I liked the contrast between cool shadow and hot sunshine on the opposite side […]

Tags: , , , , , , ; taken on Thursday, June 29th, 2006


Cultivated poppies on the Salisbury Plain – another of my A303 series that belies the traffic roaring past, unseeing. Abrash is the delicate banding of colours seen in hand-made Oriental carpets, which comes from different dye batches in the wool. I think it perfectly describes the play of light and shade over this field, especially […]

Tags: , , , ; taken on Monday, July 19th, 2004

Full stop

Another view from the top of Pilsdon Pen, of one of my favourite fields, which has a double fold that looks quite extraordinary in low light. On this particular evening, I caught the silage harvest in progress, and one bale rolled down to the bottom of the mown strip provided what I thought was the […]

Tags: , , , , , ; taken on Monday, June 14th, 2004


Far from the city, a field of germinating fodder maize calls to mind a folded striped cloth. Late evening sun and a telephoto lens accentuate the  contours of a gently folded hill just up the road from my house.   Although this was taken several years ago now, it still gives me a frisson of […]

Tags: , , ; taken on Tuesday, June 1st, 2004


Fodder maize, seen from Pilsdon Pen in late afternoon sun. I was intrigued by the texture of the rows of corn and the intensely bright specular reflections from the foliage, and the cloud shadows racing across the fields. As it was a hazy day, I used a polariser to cut down some of the haze, […]

Tags: , , ; taken on Saturday, September 6th, 2003


A field of ripening barley with a small drift of poppies in the middle distance. Just a small strip missed by the herbicide spray, and the poppy seeds made the most of the opportunity – they had probably been lying there for 20 years or so, waiting for their chance in the sun.

Tags: , , , , ; taken on Saturday, June 14th, 2003