A selection of my favourite photography links

Here are just a few selected links to some of my favourite web sites relating to photography.

Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson
are two masterful exponents of an impressionistic and less literal style of photography that I like and am practising with
and William Neill
is another one. If I could make just one photo as beautiful as some of his, I’d be a happy woman!
The Luminous Landscape
green wheat and poppyMichael Reichmann’s excellent site has extensive tutorials and essays on technical, creative and workflow issues. He is an enthusiastic advocate for digital photography and backs up anecdotal evidence with facts. Amply illustrated with his landscapes, mostly North American.
Norman Koren is another US enthusiast for digital printing, and his site contains a wealth of detailed technical information – on colour theory and management, and digital vs film resolution, for example.
Digital Photography Review
One of the best review sites for equipment and software: amazingly comprehensive with detailed reviews, user feedback, and sample images to look at.  But keep away from the forums which are full of opinionated ignoramuses.
Harry Cory Wright
red fishing boatThe web site of English photographer Harry Cory Wright, who takes wonderful images, using a Gandolfi 10×8″ plate camera. We have several of his stunning books on coastal subjects, but he seems to have moved on from the Saltwater Gallery days and none seem to be offered for sale now.
Fay Godwin
Fay Godwin was, until her death in early 2005, one of Britain’s best known landscape photographers. She was always interested in the sweeping view and the impact of man on the landscape, and until recently worked only in black and white. Recently, she published some more intimate colour works, which caused some critical harrumphing at the time.
Martin Parr
This Magnum photographer takes a quirky view of the English having fun – on the beach, at country markets, and so on. He has a permanent exhibition at the Dorchester County Hospital, ‘Dorset Close-ups’ with which I became very familiar visiting my Dad before he died. Despite the sad circumstances, I am still fond of his unusual take on country life. The hospital has (or had last time I checked) such an unusable arts website I am not publishing the link here, but this gallery includes some of the Dorset works: the red brick house with the sweet peas (#8) is one.
Outdoor Eyes
A site for all outdoor photography enthusiasts – I used to take an active part in contributing to the photography sections of the forum.
beachhuts at LymeI joined this site to get critiques on how to make my photos better. I have learned a lot by getting, and especially giving, critiques; a nice side-effect is that I’ve made some virtual friends too. (Warning: contains images that some may find offensive. You may want to use, for example, the category browse page to reduce any chance of embarrassment, although images do sometimes get allocated to inappropriate categories.)
Dan Heller is a US photographer who, unusually, sells almost all his work online. On his site, he not only invites you to buy, but also provides some very useful tutorials on the photography business.