White Wood in spring

Dartmoor is commonly thought of as a bleak and treeless waste, but is home to a small number of ancient oak woodlands. In these sheltered woods, mossy boulders and lichen-festooned branches combine to lend a primæval atmosphere, almost unchanged since lowland England was almost entirely forested in Neolithic times. The oakwoods are special places at any time of year, but especially in Spring when the young ochre foliage is just budding, and sunlight can shine on the forest floor.

White Wood, Dartmoor, spring

One of the tricks to photographing woods is to find a viewpoint that imposes some sense of order on the fractal, chaotic nature of trees. Here, I have focused on a single specimen whose fanned branches lead the eye about the frame.

Tags: , , ; taken on Friday, April 25th, 2008